UPDATE: CyanogenMod9.1 BETA 2 for Samsung Galaxy Y With Drivers Released!

Great news for those of you who are impatient! The team have released the BETA 2 build for download so that you can test the current in development CyanogenMod9.1 rom on your Galaxy Y.

Note: The screenshot inside the Galaxy Y frame above was not taken from this CM9.1 BETA 2 build.
This BETA 2 build consists of some large improvements such as fully working HW thanks to the recently released drivers, a working media scanner, WiFi, Bluetooth, smooth animations and others.

BETA 2 changelog:

  • Fully HW fixed thanks to Broadcom Drivers
  • Gralloc, HGL, hwcomposer built from source
  • Fixed Media Scanner due to HGL working
  • CRT animation, rotation... (all animations) working smooth
  • Fixed rotation animation
  • Reduced a lot of booting time with 4.0 Kernel
  • Updated overlay

What is working in BETA 2

  • Boot
  • Touch
  • Multitouch
  • Settings
  • Browser
  • File manager
  • Swipe notification
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Widgets + Resize
  • Bluetooth
  • Media Scanner (partially)
  • Wifi
  • Phone
  • HW

What is not working in BETA 2

  • Camera
  • 3G + Data
  • Audio
  • USB Mass storage
  • And others

Download CM9.1 BETA 2 - Click here.
Download EXT4 Formatter Tool - Click here.
Version 4.0 Kernel - Click here.


In order to succesfully install the CM9.1 on your Samsung Galaxy Y, you first need to format your file system to EXT4 using the EXT4 Formatter tool, then install the kernel and finally install the rom. Detailed installation steps can be found in bieltv.3's post.

Source : Bieltv.3 blog & galaxyyarchive.info

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  1. min maaf mau nanya hbis di instal kok wifi hot spotnya gk mau di nyalakan?